Buy from only trusted and reliable providers ranged by the filters you set up. Flexible and fast. Avoid searching for the right and trusted services Buy Selling made easy. Try now for yourself. Join the platform, create an account for your company and upload the data. After validation by humans subscribe find your customer faster subscribe find the right partner faster Sell

Global Interconnections Platform.

The single source of data to support your decisions. Fast and easy.
Find the right telecommunications carrier with Vcon.


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What is Vcon?

An international marketplace for telecommunication carriers.
Find partners and offers in a matter of few clicks.

• Hundreds of reliable carriers
• Thousands of presence points
• Wide variety of technologies

Create your route with just a few clicks.


How does it work?

Bigger choice, more options and better flexibility with the growing pull of trusted providers joining the platform every day.
Minimizing your time for extensive networking and research, we’re providing the marketplace for fair and transparent exchange

Research options

• Hundreds of carriers in one place
• Transparent internal participants’ rating system
• Communicate directly on the platform

Cloud Computing

• No more contracts with the third parties
• Standardized contract form provided by Vcon
• Agreement in just few clicks
• Contract supervision by Vcon
• Partial insurance of the deals by Vcon


• Wide selection of Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers
• Pre-screening by Vcon during the application process
• Only trustworthy and qualified platform participants


Why Vcon?

• Independent from any carriers’ infrastructure and technical abilities – bringing together a wide variety of carriers and their services
• Fully transparent – impossible to lobby by third parties
• Fully automatized service on the platform
• Applied technology, including a wide variety of parter offers
• An immediate automatization of business processes for participants
• Equal opportunity and transparent rating system for the participants

Let’s talk about your project

Our mission

Is to facilitate a fully automated telecommunication services life cycle for providers all over the world.

Freedom of choice

Vcon brings as many trusted and reliable carriers from around the world as possible together, to meet on our platform, in order to effectively exchange the most accessible services. And provide conditions for the right partners to meet and communicate through Vcon.


The Vcon platform is aimed to remove barriers and helps finding trusted and reliable partners among platform participants, who pass pre-screening and proved to be qualified.


Vcon is a tool on the ever-expanding global telecommunications market, where both the buyers and sellers can find each other and connect with only few clicks. Often finding the right carrier on the market requires extensive networking and research.

Vcon is the right platform for me if…

• I’m a tier 1 operator – to widen my network and find new effective offers
• I’m a tier 2 and 3 operator – to gain an ability to provide the complete chain of service, cater for it and modify


Find your customer and sell in a few clicks!

• Join the platform
• Сreate an account for your company
• Upload your network map

After validation by humans and platform ML algorithms, your data will be structured to be neatly presented in the search by a buyer.
You’re set! Start selling to a wider target audience.


Buy from only trusted and reliable providers ranged by the filters you set up.
Flexible and fast.

• Select desired service and find the right carrier
• Select your start and destination points
• Set required bandwidth
• Click the button
• Get the best options to choose from

You’re set! Buy desired services with minimum paperwork.

What Vcon does for you?

  • Provides transparent tariffs of backbone international and localized carriers’
  • Gives open and easily accessible data base of technical specifications of carriers in different parts of the world
  • Expands your network worldwide
  • Shows reliable data on SLA with ability to set and filter desired numbers
  • Provides network maps of backbone and local carriers
  • Gives freedom of choice of the best suitable route, carriers and technical specification of service you are buying
  • Helps to reduce cost on L2, L3, SDH, SD-WAN and Internet access by showing all possible options and tariffs available on the market on one screen
  • Boosts your sales by placing your company amongst trusted carriers
  • Optimizes your paperwork, gets rid of endless contracts and servicing them (bank transactions, postal services and staff hours)
  • Optimizes internal document flow between divisions responsible for market analysis, procurement, sales and administration

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    Take your network even further

    The is intelectual system where all participants
    can find the right partner in a matter of few clicks.

    Just upload your network map

    As soon as you upload your data, our specialist will review and systemize it so that other participants can find what they need by just pointing start and endpoints for the route they need.

    Automate process of puzzling netwroks of others

    The system allows you to pick and puzzle the backbone routes from other participants of the market to create a route for your customer. Just set parameters that you want and the system will show all possible options.

    Show our network so that other can find you

    This is a two way process. By showing your network and points of presence you can attract new partners and utilize your network to the fullest. Sales department and procurement can now communicate efficiently and hassle free. Less documents, faster process and better communication for all participants.